Monday, September 6, 2010

Bốn viên chức cao cấp Nam Hàn phải từ chức vì làm bậy

   South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-Hwan
Hành vi có vẻ là nhỏ, không đáng kể tại một xứ có thể bị xem là nghiêm trọng tại xứ khác

Yu Myung-hwan
Kim Tae-ho được đề cử làm thủ tướng phải rút lui vì đã có liên hệ với doanh gia hay hối lộ.

Người được đề cử làm Bộ Trưởng Văn Hóa phải rút lui vì đã vi phạm qui định cư trú để cho con vào trường tốt hơn không thuộc tuyến qui định.

Một người có kiến thức về kinh tế phải rút lui vì vợ dùng thông tin nội bộ để làm lợi trong việc mua bán nhà đất .

Hành vi có vẻ là nhỏ, không đáng kể tại một xứ có thể bị xem là nghiêm trọng tại xứ khác

South Korean FM offers to resign over nepotism charge

Mr Yu would be the fourth South Korean minister to offer to resign in a month
The South Korean Foreign Minister, Yu Myung-hwan, has offered to resign after it was revealed that his daughter was offered a job in his ministry.
Yu Hyun-sun, 35, was given a post as a mid-ranking civil servant, prompting allegations of nepotism.
Ms Yu was rejected when she originally applied, but was later given the job after another hiring process.
Mr Yu, while denying any wrongdoing, has apologised for allowing the impression to arise.
The government has ordered an investigation into the incident.
Trio of scandals As our correspondent John Sudworth reports from Seoul, the scandal is another blow to a government already facing criticism over its ethical standards.

Last month, three of the government's new nominees for cabinet posts were forced to resign following allegations of unethical behaviour, our correspondent says.
Kim Tae-ho, the prime minister designate, was accused of having ties to a corrupt businessman.
The choice for culture minister was accused of breaking residency laws to get his children into better schools.
And the new knowledge-economy appointee's wife was accused of using insider information to profit from a property deal, our correspondent adds.
The scandals have been a blow to the President Lee Myung-bak who, in a recent speech, has promised to work towards creating a fairer society.

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